The Many Uses of Botox

The many uses of Botox?  It’s not just used for cosmetic purposes.

I am grateful that I was trained and certified in the use of Botox and Fillers by one of the original patent owners of Botox.  Yep, Dr. Katz has been using Botox for 30 plus years.

We are well aware that Botox is used to soften lines in the face such as:

1. Those pesky lines between your brows called the 11’s or you may have one big line.

2. Lines in the forehead

3. Crow’s feet around the eyes

4. Turned down corners of the lips

5. Marionette lines of the jaw

6. Sagging skin under the chin – yep, the muscle under the chin pulls the skin down.

7. Large jaw muscles giving you a “harder” appearance

Botox and the newer Xeomin is easy to administer and its affects can last several months.


Botox for frown lines
Botox for frown lines also known as the 11’s.
Botox for men to help soften forehead lines.
Botox for Crow’s Feet 480-489-7293

Other Uses of Botox

Botox can be used to treat individuals who clench and grind their teeth resulting in chronic headaches, migraines and jaw pain.  The most common application of Botox is a series of injections in muscles around the head resembling a headband.  Think about where you get a headache or migraine, do you rub the back of your neck?  Botox is applied to these muscles in the back of the head as well as the muscles in your temple area and large jaw muscles.  The injections are done on both sides of the head with very small needles, such as a diabetic needle (meaning, a very small needle).  The injections are not painful or take just a few minutes to do.



What is dystonia?

Dystonia may affect one or more parts of the body, and sometimes the entire body. The condition can be mild or severe.
The main symptom is involuntary muscle contractions that result in slow repetitive movements, cramps, or abnormal posture.
Treatments may include drugs, injections, and physical therapy.
I am firm believer in conservative treatments first!  However, if a patient is not responding to physical therapy or other conservative treatments I will consider Botox.
Botox has multiple applications and more will surely become available in the future.