Why Non-Narcotic Pain Relief

Non-Narcotic Pain Relief

Why do I choose to buck the system and treat pain without narcotics?  It’s simple, because I was a chronic pain patient!  And, I never took one opiod/narcotic!  That’s right, in the 10 plus years I suffered terribly with head, neck and arm pain I did not take any prescribed drugs.

Now, that’s not to say that I did not abuse another type of drug, NSAIDS.  Yep, I took the maximum doses of Ibuprofen, Naproxen, and Celebrex for 7 years.  I took these drugs daily so I could perform my work without pain.  Was this better than taking opiods?  Was it the right thing to do?

First of all, yes, taking NSAIDS was better than taking Narcotics.  Absolutely, without a question, because NSAIDs are not addictive.  Was it the right thing to do?  This is a loaded question, working in pain, taking medication so you can perform your job does not seem like a wise choice, however, like most people, I felt I had no choice.  I had employees, massive debt and my spouse at the time worked for me.

You’ve heard people say, ‘the weight of the world is on my shoulders’.  Yes, but in my case it was on my neck.

Not knowing that there are other options other than main stream physical therapy, occupational therapy, trigger point injections, general massage, I was lost for over 2 years, bouncing from one practitioner to another trying to find what would help me become pain free.

And, by chance, I heard through a friend, about a doctor who did a specific type of MyoFascial Release.  I jumped and scheduled an appointment and after just one visit I knew I had found what would work for my situation.


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Narcotics are Addictive Call 480-489-7293 for Non-Narcotic Pain Relief

Myofascial release is a powerful tool that is catching on in the US but is far underused.   I began feeling better and better but when I went back to work my pain returned and I was eating ibuprofen like M&M’s again.  This was my pattern until I finally realized that I couldn’t continue and I decided to sell my private practice.

I found that through all the years of pain, trying all kinds of treatments and leaving my general practice, that non-narcotic, hands-on therapy WORKS!

This is exactly why I have dedicated my life to treating people naturally and with my own hands.


But what if the MyoFascial release doesn’t work?  Great question.   In cases where Myofascial release does not work may indicate that a bigger health issue is present.  The good news is that Myofascial release is conservative treatment and does not harm.

Take back control of your life and try Conservative and Precise treatments.