Book of the Month: What I’m Listening To

I have not owned a television for more than 10 years.  What do I do for entertainment you ask?  I do have a subscription to Amazon Prime and  the video library is included, YouTube has plenty of videos and even movies, but I love my Audible app.


This month I’m listening to, ” The Case For Keto” by Gary Taubes.  My first comment is that it is any easy book for the non-science person.  Taubes reviews insulin, insulin resistance and fat metabolism very well.  I definitely recommend this book for anyone wanting to improve their overall health and improve athletic performance.

This is not to say that I eat a pure Keto diet, I do NOT, I’m mainly a vegetarian and eat lentils but I allow some fish and a yummy piece of pizza here and there.  So, let me be clear, I am not promoting this book to get anyone to go keto.  Nope, not at all.  What I love about the book is how it is laid out and the easy nature in explaining food metabolism and why some people eat very little food and get fat and some eat a normal amount of food and maintain a lean body. Why do some of my family members have weight issues and are Type 2 diabetic and have high blood pressure and myself and other relatives have a leaner body type.

The Case for Keto by Gary Taubes: 9780525520061 | Books


I am a believer in fasting and my normal fasting routine is 17 hours and on a swim day 19-20 hours.  I eat 1-2 meals a day.  Within 3 months of fasting this way and keeping my vegetarian diet with lots of good fats, I dropped a clothing size.  Yep, I leaned out and maintained my muscle mass.  In this 3 months I did not step on a scale, I simply noticed my clothes were a lot looser.


Now that I’m comfortable with fasting and I don’t get hungry, I cut out all beer and wine from my diet.  I’m 3 weeks in and excited to see how I’ll feel and look in another couple of months.