I LOVE FAT! Especially Ghee

Everyone loves a great find, a great buy, even better is a great yummy find.  And find it I did!  At Costco!  Their Grassfed Ghee 29oz jar.

I buy 3-4 jars at a time and it lasts for months. I also stock up on the Kerrygold butter sold in a 4 pack.

So, what is Ghee? It is clarified butter.  Uh, what is clarified butter.  OK, take a stick of butter and melt it down, it will form two parts, the butter part and the milk solids.  The milk solids are cloudy in appearance.

Eating good fats like ghee and butter help with insulin resistance and give a  good slow burn of energy.  With fat you don’t get a spike in blood sugar and crash like fast burning carbohydrates.  This is essential for me and my intense exercise regimen.  Maintaining a healthy blood sugar level means I eat a lot of butter and ghee daily and stay away from fast burning carbs like rice and sugary foods.

Ghee is commonly used in Indian dishes and this is how I first came know what ghee was and how to use it.  You use it just like you would unsalted butter.  I fry my eggs with it, bake with it, and use it in place of regular butter.

Ghee and butter also contain Vitamin K which is important in: blood clotting, bone metabolism, and regulating blood calcium levels.

And, it tastes great!  You can find ghee at any Indian market but what find at Costco!!


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